Sekitar 122 tahun lalu (3 Januari 1892)  di Afrika Selatan lahirlah seorang tokoh besar di dunia sastra bernama, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (J.R.R Tolkien) Dia adalah penulis novel asal Inggris yang terkenal dengan karya fantasinya “The Hobbit” (1937) dan lanjutannya “The Lord of the Rings” (1954—1955). Dia bekerja sebagai profesor Bahasa Inggris di Universitas Leeds pada 1920-1925, sebagai profesor Bahasa Anglo-Saxon di Universitas Oxford pada 1925-1945, dan bahasa Inggris dan sastra, juga di Oxford, pada 1945-1959. Tolkien adalah sahabat karib C.S. Lewis, dan anggota Inklings, sebuah kelompok diskusi sastra, bersama-sama dengan Lewis dan Owen Barfield.  Tolkien meninggal di Oxford, Inggris, 2 September 1973. (umur 81 tahun)

Mengutip postingan mbak Poppy dari Eorlingas (Indonesian Tolkien Society):

Surat Arthur Tolkien kepada ibunya di Birmingham, 4 Januari 1892:

“My dear Mother,

I have good news for you this week. Mabel gave me a beautiful little son last night (3 January). It was rather before time, but the baby is strong and well and Mabel has come through wonderfully. The baby is (of course) lovely. It has beautiful hands and ears (very long fingers) very light hair, ‘Tolkien’ eyes and very distinctly a ‘Suffield’ mouth. In general effect immensely like a very fair edition of its Aunt Mabel Mitton. When we first fetched Dr Stollreither yesterday he said it was false alarm and told the nurse to go home for a fortnight but he was mistaken and I fetched him again about eight and then he stayed till 12.40 when we had a whisky to drink luck to the boy. The boy’s first name will be ‘John’ after its grandfather, probably John Ronald Reuel altogether. Mab wants to call it Ronald and I want to keep up John and Reuel…”

(dari ‘JRR Tolkien, A Biography’ by Humphrey Carpenter)

Dear Professor, Nostor Veren. It is because of you that we have richer lives. It is your legacy that we keep in our hearts, and to us you are immortal, like your beautiful stories. Hannon le.

In memory of Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, 3 January 1892 – 2 September 1973 … Thanks for 122 Years of fantasy and more!

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