Kisah pertama penculikan oleh Alien yang berhasil didokumentasikan, akan diangkat ke layar lebar. Kisah nyata ini berdasarkan kehidupan Betty dan Barney Hill pada 19 september 1961. Mereka adalah pasangan interracial dari Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Pasangan ini bercerita bahwa mereka telah diculik oleh UFO dan dipelajari oleh Aliens. Lalu mereka kan ke bumi, tanpa ingatan apapun. Sampai suatu saat mereka menjalani terapi hipnotis.

Film ini akan berjudul “CAPTURED” dan menurut media “THE WRAP” film ini adalah adaptasi dari berjudul “CAPTURED! THE BETTY AND BARNEY HILL UFO EXPERIENCE: The True Story of the World’s First Documented Alien Abduction” yang ditulis oleh seorang ilmuan nuklir, Stanton Friedman dan saudaranya Betty Hill sendiri, Kathleen Marden.

Publisher's promo sheet

Film “CAPTURED” ini akan di produseri oleh team yang mengerjakan film MAZE RUNNER: SCORCH TRIAL dan juga Jackie Zabel & Bryce Zabel (para ahli UFO)

“Captured is a true story that explores the birth of modern UFO lore through the eyes of the first Americans to report that they were kidnapped by aliens. This is an exciting story that is as intriguing, timely and ripe for adaptation today as it was 54 years ago when this incident occurred. We look forward to sharing Betty and Barney Hill’s incredible encounter with audiences all around the world.”

Bryce Zable added:

“Betty and Barney were two down-to-Earth people who found themselves in a situation that was literally out-of-this-world. Ironically, at the time of their abduction, while the country was focused on deeply divided racial issues, it seems like only the aliens never reacted to the color of their skin.”

Jackie Zabel also included the following statement:

“The Hills were very much a part of the times they lived in. They were an interracial couple in a country that still had segregation laws, and they lived in a city that was next door to a bomber base bristling with nuclear weapons. What they knew and why they were targeted will make for a phenomenal film.”

Buat kalian penggemar kisah The Unexplained, UFO, atau X-files… film ini pastinya tidak boleh dilewatkan, Explorers!