Setelah September silam merilis teaser perdananya yang menampilkan sosok Ishmael (Iko Uwais), Screenplay Productions via Youtubenya telah merilis online teaser kedua Headshot yang kali ini menampilkan sosok Ailin (Chelsea Islan). Tidak hanya itu, adegan pertarungan berdarah ditampilkan dalam teaser kedua ini antara Ishmael melawan Besi (Very Tri Yulisman), Rika (Julie Estelle) dan Tano (Zack Lee).

A mysterious young man jolts awake after months in a coma, nursed back to health by young student-doctor Ailin after being discovered left for dead with a gunshot wound to the head. It’s a rebirth of sorts and, realizing that the man has lost his memory and identity, Ailin renames him Ishmael.

The two quickly grow closer, not realizing that behind their momentary peace  lies danger. Soon their lives collide with a gang of dangerous criminals led by an enigmatic crimelord known simply as Lee.

As Ishmael begins to suspect that his true identity is closely tied to these criminals, Ailin is violently taken. Determined to save the woman who rescued him, Ishmael has no choice but to confront his past.  But with every violent confrontation that Ishmael encounters his memory brings him closer to a dark truth as the lethal personality awakening within him starts to reveal who he really is.”

Mendapat sambutan sukses di Midnight Madness Toronto International Film Festival serta meraih Grand Nouveax Genre Award dalam LEtrange Festival Paris 2016 yang berlangsung September silam, “Headshot” disutardarai Timo Tjahjanto dan Kimo Stamboel serta menghadirkan Iko Uwais,Chelsea Islan, David Hendrawan,Sunny Pang, Julie Estelle,Zack Lee, Epy Kusnandar dan Very Tri Yulisman. Siap rilis Desember 2016 di Indonesia.